Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Immortal Watcher Challenge.

The Immortal Watcher, the legacy protector, the evil one.

This challenge relies strongly on the story progression mod.

Make one male sim in CAS or chose a preexisting male sim from one of your games or the exchange.

He must be human.

He must have the loner and evil traits all other traits are players choice.

Your male sim can look anyway you want.

Put him in a all human town with no supernaturals. Or if you must have a few supernaturals put him in a town with only humans, witches, imaginary friends, and aliens. Anything with a normal human life span.

Once you have done this give your sim both the age freeze potion and a death flower.

Your sim must have a home with a holding cell in their basement.

The holding cell must have a cheap bed, a cheap toilet, a cheap shower.  Your sim lives upstairs with all the nice stuff of course.

Now that you have done these things the challenge starts!

Romance a female sim and get her pregnant. Then break it off with the young woman and never speak to her again.

Make sure when the baby born he/she gets your last name. Weather you have to change it in CAS with master controller or use story progression and pick the option that all newborns get their father's surname.

Your sim's job is to watch your family threw out the generations. 

Make updates on the crazy things story progression has done with each generation.

If you move towns make sure to save your sim's heir(s) to the bin and move them with you.

Your sim is not only the watcher of the family tree but they also consider themselves the 'protector' of the family line.

They feel horrible for being a hands-off parent but at the same time he has been keeping care of his family anonymously.

If you get a notification saying someone in your direct bloodline is looking for a new home. You move them into a nice home yourself.

If you get a notification that someone in their bloodline is going broke. You go put money into their family funds using master controller. However once you do that you must subtract however much money you gave them from your own funds.

If you get a notification a new baby was born in the family you make sure their home has all the baby/child supplies they need.

This challenge ends when your bloodline does. Whenever you have the last remaining member of your family who has never gotten married or had kids passes away then the challenge is over.

You may not interfere with story progression! So if the last member of your family is refusing to get married or produce any children. The only thing you can do is drop some sims into your town with the flirty/irresistible traits or some appealing sims you hope your last family member can get along with to continue the bloodline.  However if it don't work it don't work.

Your sim may get any job he wants. But once he reaches the top of that career time to quit and find a new job to build your way up to the top with.

Now I mentioned your founder must have a holding cell?

Well here is where it comes in handy.

If your sims child, grandchild, great grandchild, ect.. happens to marry someone evil, mean spirited,  or if somebody cheats on anyone in your bloodline. Your founder must take revenge.

(If your descendant was cheated on.) You must track down the sim who had done this to your bloodline! Your sim is angry NOBODY treats their blood like that.

(If your descendant married someone with the evil/mean spirited traits)   You must track down the evil/mean spirited sim and make them a prisoner. Your sims thinking behind this? "No, no, they're not good enough for my bloodline! Nobody in my bloodline is allowed to marry a potential abuser!"

You move in the sim and keep them in your holding cell with a cow plant and Jelly bean bush.
Prisoner rules!

1. Your prisoner must eat three jelly beans a night. However if they eat more on their accord that's fine as well.

2. If your prisoner survives both the jelly beans and the cow plant for three days you may give them one meal. Give them a meal once every three days they are alive in that cell.

3. Keep the prisoner until they die.

4. Make a graveyard in your backyard.

If your writing this in a blog or making a story about it when the bloodline completely dies off. Your sim turns themselves into the police for all the crimes they have committed.. as your sim feels he no longer has anybody to protect. (If you never had to keep prisoners just read the bonus.)

When your sims bloodline dies off on it's own take tally.

How many generations went by before the bloodline died off:

How many times the bloodline change last names:

How many children born in the whole family:

Prisoners kept:

Careers you reached the top of:

Skills mastered:

Marriages/divorces in the bloodline:


In the event your sims bloodline dies out in just two generations. Or you never had the fun of keeping prisoners. You can find another young woman and make another bloodline. However this option is only available if your bloodline dies out to soon or you never once had to keep a prisoner and your current bloodline is gone. 


  1. Oh Wow this is an awesome challenge. You really do a great job writing these up. I can't wait to see how this works out.

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