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The Immortal Watcher Challenge.

The Immortal Watcher, the legacy protector, the evil one.

This challenge relies strongly on the story progression mod.

Make one male sim in CAS or chose a preexisting male sim from one of your games or the exchange.

He must be human.

He must have the loner and evil traits all other traits are players choice.

Your male sim can look anyway you want.

Put him in a all human town with no supernaturals. Or if you must have a few supernaturals put him in a town with only humans, witches, imaginary friends, and aliens. Anything with a normal human life span.

Once you have done this give your sim both the age freeze potion and a death flower.

Your sim must have a home with a holding cell in their basement.

The holding cell must have a cheap bed, a cheap toilet, a cheap shower.  Your sim lives upstairs with all the nice stuff of course.

Now that you have done these things the challenge starts!

Romance a female sim and get her pregnant. Then break it off with the young woman and never speak to her again.

Make sure when the baby born he/she gets your last name. Weather you have to change it in CAS with master controller or use story progression and pick the option that all newborns get their father's surname.

Your sim's job is to watch your family threw out the generations. 

Make updates on the crazy things story progression has done with each generation.

If you move towns make sure to save your sim's heir(s) to the bin and move them with you.

Your sim is not only the watcher of the family tree but they also consider themselves the 'protector' of the family line.

They feel horrible for being a hands-off parent but at the same time he has been keeping care of his family anonymously.

If you get a notification saying someone in your direct bloodline is looking for a new home. You move them into a nice home yourself.

If you get a notification that someone in their bloodline is going broke. You go put money into their family funds using master controller. However once you do that you must subtract however much money you gave them from your own funds.

If you get a notification a new baby was born in the family you make sure their home has all the baby/child supplies they need.

This challenge ends when your bloodline does. Whenever you have the last remaining member of your family who has never gotten married or had kids passes away then the challenge is over.

You may not interfere with story progression! So if the last member of your family is refusing to get married or produce any children. The only thing you can do is drop some sims into your town with the flirty/irresistible traits or some appealing sims you hope your last family member can get along with to continue the bloodline.  However if it don't work it don't work.

Your sim may get any job he wants. But once he reaches the top of that career time to quit and find a new job to build your way up to the top with.

Now I mentioned your founder must have a holding cell?

Well here is where it comes in handy.

If your sims child, grandchild, great grandchild, ect.. happens to marry someone evil, mean spirited,  or if somebody cheats on anyone in your bloodline. Your founder must take revenge.

(If your descendant was cheated on.) You must track down the sim who had done this to your bloodline! Your sim is angry NOBODY treats their blood like that.

(If your descendant married someone with the evil/mean spirited traits)   You must track down the evil/mean spirited sim and make them a prisoner. Your sims thinking behind this? "No, no, they're not good enough for my bloodline! Nobody in my bloodline is allowed to marry a potential abuser!"

You move in the sim and keep them in your holding cell with a cow plant and Jelly bean bush.
Prisoner rules!

1. Your prisoner must eat three jelly beans a night. However if they eat more on their accord that's fine as well.

2. If your prisoner survives both the jelly beans and the cow plant for three days you may give them one meal. Give them a meal once every three days they are alive in that cell.

3. Keep the prisoner until they die.

4. Make a graveyard in your backyard.

If your writing this in a blog or making a story about it when the bloodline completely dies off. Your sim turns themselves into the police for all the crimes they have committed.. as your sim feels he no longer has anybody to protect. (If you never had to keep prisoners just read the bonus.)

When your sims bloodline dies off on it's own take tally.

How many generations went by before the bloodline died off:

How many times the bloodline change last names:

How many children born in the whole family:

Prisoners kept:

Careers you reached the top of:

Skills mastered:

Marriages/divorces in the bloodline:


In the event your sims bloodline dies out in just two generations. Or you never had the fun of keeping prisoners. You can find another young woman and make another bloodline. However this option is only available if your bloodline dies out to soon or you never once had to keep a prisoner and your current bloodline is gone. 

Friday, June 30, 2017

Nursing Home Challenge.

Nursing Home Challenge.

This will be a two generation challenge.

"I am in charge of this nursing home and I didn't get enough funding... I'll keep care of them and raise the funds myself to keep everything up to code!"

Go to CAS and create a sim or pick a existing sim from your other games/the exchange/any townie you want.  They must be a young adult and have the three traits: Good, Natural cook, Neat.. (The other two traits is players choice. This is the sim you have control of. )  Your founder must be human. Their lifetime wish must be something that keeps them at home. These elders are their life! Your founder may be either gender you wish the only thing that will change with that is how you will get generation two started.

You must have seven elders. Once again you can take elders from the exchange or create them  yourself.

Give all your elder death flowers at the start of the game. (Death flowers have been known to work for old age deaths. But the only get one shot at that once their death flower has been used no more for them they're on their own.)

Build the nursing home yourself or maybe take an existing house and change it into a nursing home.

Seven cheap beds.
Cheapest stove.
Cheapest fridge.
Cheap showers.
Cheap toilets.
Cheap television set.
Cheap radio.
Chess table.
Buy Six Art Easels.

(Your founders room can be two ways. Either very comfortable with a great bed, computer, since they had these items from before they decide to be a care taker the for elders.. or it can be dirt cheap as well because your sim doesn't feel right living in luxury while everyone else is living poorly. But be sure to have your founder's bedroom door locked for only your founder.)

The only time you may take control of an elder is to reset one who is stuck or to send them to the hospital to get their flu/allergy shots! (Do everything you can to keep them healthy!)

The elders may not have jobs. However you may sell the paintings they paint once the painter has passed away. (Move the painting to the wall until then.)

Your sims job is to cook meals and clean the house. Cheer up the elderly sims and keep company with them.

Take the elders out once a week for a weekly activity.. Go to the park, see a movie, or if your sims thinks it's okay go bar hoping. Pick one day out of the week to do this.

Make money by painting, gardening, writing, fishing, alchemy, ect.. your sim may even join a profession that keeps them at home.

When an elder dies it's your sims job to throw a funeral, console the remaining sims, and place their headstone in the grave yard. Or if you prefer to keep your nursing home haunted make a urn room.

(However generation two will require bring back everyone who has died so I'd recommend a urn room if you plan on moving towns often.)

A nursing home pet is allowed such as a dog or a cat. But your only allowed one pet.

Move everyone in with freerealestate/master controller. When everyone is moved in drop your funds way down to $500.

Once you reach the following goals get the following.

$3,000-4,000- get a new stove and fridge.

$8,000- New and improved beds

$12,000- New showers and toilets. (Build them a spa if you have the extra money. For example the steam it up Sauna with those mud baths can keep your elders alive longer.)

$15,000- New tvs, radios, computers, and video games.

$30,000+ Upgrade everything you want and get whatever you want for the elders that will make everyone's lives easier. You may also briefly take control of your elders and send them for spa treatments.

When you are down to three elders feel free to start looking for more. Have your founder to take on the town and befriend elders and ask them to move in. (For me the 'ask to move in' button is almost never there so feel free to just add them to your household. But only after you befriended them! If there is no elders in town feel free drop some in or throw a bottle of instant age at someone.)

Once your founder has reached the adult life stage it's time to obtain an heir.
If your founder is female. These three ways are allowed. 

1. Have a one night fling that results in pregnancy. (You may even use an elder at the nursing home if you wish for a baby daddy.)  

2. Use master controller and hit pollinate. (Just pretend your sim went to the sperm bank for a baby.)

3. Use Instant baby.

No manner what your heir must be the biological child of your founder and your founder must be a single parent. If your sim has twins/triplets/quads naturally then pick the oldest to be heir and move the non heir(s) out once they age to young adult. (Raise them all equally though if multiples do occur.)

If your founder is male: Four ways are allowed to obtain generation two.
1. Have a one night fling with a female sim and move in the baby with you once he/she is born.
2. Use instant baby.
3. Alien abduction pregnancy is allowed. (If you want the challenge of getting abducted on purpose.)
4. If you have the male pregnancy mod on you can get him pregnant or alternatively pollinate a random female in town and pretend she's your surrogate.

Your heir must have the good trait every other trait is player's choice or roll them if you wish. If your founder happens to be male and you got an heir with born with the evil trait feel free to change the newborns trait to good.

Your heir can have their own room.

When you're raising heir only teach them the basics. "Learning to walk, talk, potty train. Teach them how to drive in their teen years." However to be more of a challenge in generation two. No toddler books, no toy oven, no activity table, ect.. When generation two starts they're learning their skills from the start. No head starts for them.

Your heir can be any occult you'd like but they must be born that way. (So if you make your human founder have a baby with a fairy/genie/vampire/witch/werewolf if you want feel free to do. You'll have 50% chance of having a supernatural heir.)

Things you can't do in this generation-  No bonehilda, no maids, no butlers, no boyfriends/girlfriends/permanent relationships, no genie lamps or wishes.

 Generation 2.

"My only parent has passed away left me with this their legacy. But I don't just want to keep care of the elderly. I want to make to make them younger and bring back those who has passed from the dead as well. After all my parent's life went toward helping others! I want to give my parent and everyone else a second chance as well. Is it so wrong I want to give everyone a second shot at life? My parent worked so hard for  their whole life.. maybe they can have some more fun the second time around."

As soon as your founder has passed away. Generation two starts.

Your heir must learn Logic or alchemy/cooking/fishing/and gardening skill from the start.

Your heir must discover the way to make fountain of youth elixir or young again potion and Ambrosia. They must also plant the life fruit seeds themselves and go fishing for death fish.

Your heir must either make fountain of youth elixir's at the alchemy station once there skill is high enough and they have all the ingredients. (No buying it from the store!)

Or alternatively get your logic skill high enough discover young again potion on the chemistry set.

Your heir has to have a romance. Go study with a sim in town... but no getting married or moving your boyfriend/girlfriend in until the task at hand is complete.

Take two days out of the week for these events.

One day will be date night you invite your boyfriend/girlfriend out to any place for a date. Second day is the weekly activity for your heir and remaining elders in the house.  Pick two different days out of the week for these two events.

Your heir's rules are bit more relaxed when it comes to keeping care of what elderly is left. 

Your heir may hire a maid.

You may get bonehilda.

You may get a butler.

Your heir is very busy researching/trying to master ambrosia and making the fountain of youth/young again potion.  As much they would love to spend time with the elders they may need extra help

You may use the genie wishes (No bring back the dead wishes. Every other genie wish is fair game though.)

No having children. (Not yet! There will be an optional time for that.)

Once your heir has enough plates of ambrosia, enough fountain of youth/young again potions. It's time to get to the next part of this generation.

Bring back every ghost who has ever died with the ambrosia.  Give each resurrected elder fountain of youth or young again potion.

Bring back your founder at the last plate of ambrosia. Give your founder fountain of youth once you bring them back.

Any surviving elders at this point may get fountain of youth/young again at this point in time.

"I want you to see every soul you have ever helped I made them younger so you may not recognize them! I brought you back.. I brought them back I did the impossible and made them young. It took me years but I did it."

Have your founder reunite with all the elders (now young adults) they ever helped. Your founder must be a very proud parent at this moment in time!

Once you have completed this get your heir engaged to their girlfriend/boyfriend and introduce them to your founder.

Complete the generation with a very nice wedding ceremony and invite all the elders that have ever been in your founders nursing home or your heirs. Of course your founder is their to as the very proud parent of the bride/groom. (Whatever gender your heir maybe.)

Bonus (optional)

"One big happy family"  Take a family photo or in game screenshot of your founder being a grandparent to their new grandchild(ren). With your heir being happy/romantic with their spouse.

Make funny little bios at the end telling what crazy things story progression has done with each sim you brought back from the dead/made young again. If you want to of course this last part is optional.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Progress On The Bizzare Challenge

Generation One.

Founder: Haley Vincent.

Traits: Flirty, Irresistible,  Party Animal, Brave, Lucky.

Town Used: Aurora Skies, then later moved to the town custom town Fairbanks.

How many baby daddies used: Five. (Before I left Haley to story progression)  The baby daddies were: Gunnar Hannes, Arvid Svard, Loki Beaker, Burton Olivia, Ari Wong.

Story Progression baby daddies: Mark Howard, Hiram Miles, Quinn McKinley, Anthony Simmons, Weston Frank (Funfact: Weston is my backward isbi founder elder I put him in town though because I needed sims. She had twins with him.), Ari Wong (again, Andrew's father cheated on his current wife with Haley.)

Children Downloads..


How many children born: 6

How many children born after you had your heir: 7

Haley's Story Progression children.

1. (Daughter with Mark Howard)
2. (Son with Hiram Miles)
3. (Son with Quinn McKinley.)
4.  (Son with Anthony Simmons.)
5.    (Son with Quinn McKinley. Dedric is a second perfect heir Haley birthed.)
6.  (Son with Weston Frank)
7.   (Daughter with Weston Frank)
8.  (Second Son with Ari Wong.)

How many trashy novels written: 15

How many times was the young again potion used: 1 (after Andrew was born she was nearing Elder but I decided to be nice and let her enjoy her youth once more without me. Also when I left Haley to story progression she no longer has to go my rules anymore.)

Kama simtura skill level: 8 (When story progression took over I got a notice saying she reached 10.)
Generation Two.

Heir: Andrew Vincent

Traits:  Equestrian, Neat, Light Sleeper, Loner,  Artistic

Wife: Ella Vincent. Lover: Eliza Adams.

After your done take tally.

How many children from mate 1(Ella): Mark, Lisa, Leonardo, Stephen, Artemisia, Camille, Angelica, Cecilia, Verne, Charles.

How many children from mate 2(Eliza): William, Mona, Edgar, Emily, Anne, Clarice, Robert, Louise, Jules, Agatha.

Bonus child: Venus (Andrew was abducted by aliens and gave birth to her.)

How many books written: (I'll take final tally when I'm done with him)

How many paintings painted: (I'll take final tally when I'm done)

How many times was fountain of youth/young again potion needed: Four times. (Twice for Andrew and twice for Ella they were both nearing Elder.)

Girls: 11
Boys: 9

Human Children
Witch Children:
Vampire Children:
Genie children: 4
Aliens: 1

Children Downloads.

(More coming soon.)

The Bizzare Perfect Genetics Challenge!

Bizzare Perfect Genetics Challenge.  Save a copy of your founder and every heir to your bin. (This challenge does require mods and expansion packs. I guess I can make alternate version of this if demanded.) This challenge in some generations take a few elements from other challenges. This is a perfect genetics challenge but it combines with other challenges.

Generation 1.

Go to CAS and make an young adult human female with unique genetics.. Hair, skin, and eyes. She must have the Irresistible and Party Animal traits all other traits are player's choice.

Pick a populated town or pick an empty town and fill it up with your very own townies from your bin/the exchange.

This sim may never get married but must have the 'no jealousy' LTR when you have the points to give it to her. (All lovers are just part of the job and nobody should really care about cheating in this generation.)

All woo-hoo with males must be risky. No try for a baby or safe with the males.

All occult types are acceptable for your sims to make babies with.

Your sim may woo-hoo with females sims on safe.

Risky maybe set to from anywhere to 10-15% no higher then 15% and no lower then 10%

No fertility treatments allowed in this generation.

All sims born to your sim must have a name with the same first letter as their fathers. Let's say you have a baby born and the father's name is Louis then give your baby an L name.

You may use the same father more then once but only on risky.. but you MUST use other men on risky as well all men get fair chance with your sim.

Your sim has to make money these three ways.

1. With the woo-hoo career to comes with the woohooer mod.

2. Writing only trashy novels.

3. Threw child support that you may getting from the fathers of your children.

This sim may not get married/go study/be engaged.  Now if your sim is nearing her elder stage and no perfect heir you must use the fountain of life or the young again potion.

Do this until  you get your perfect heir/heiress.  Your sim may have more children after the perfect heir has been born but only on risky woo-hoo if you wish it.

 After you done take tally.

How many baby daddies used:

How many children born:

How many children born after you had your heir:

How many trashy novels written:

How many times was the young again potion used:

Kama simtura skill level:
Generation 2..  "I have two people madly in love with me... We can make this work. Mom made it work with everyone surely I can handle two people."

Try for a baby is allowed in this generation.

Once again the 'no jealously' ltr comes into play with this generation actually give your heir that and your mates that ltr. Get 'above approach' ltr once you have enough points.

Your heir must woo and move in two different mates. (Both mates must be of the opposite gender as your heir.)

Your heir may marry one mate if you wish but still has to carry on with the second mate and give him/her equal attention.

Your heir's two mates maybe any occult you'd like. (With the exception of Plant sims and aliens.. you can't mate with them.)

Your sim must have the artist trait have the lifetime wish 'Illustrious author LTW."

If your heir is female she needs to take turns getting pregnant by each mate. If you have a baby with mate 1 who isn't the perfect heir then you must get pregnant by mate 2..  It'll be back and fourth race until you get perfect heir for generation three.

If your heir is male you must have both women pregnant at the same time.

Your heir is the only one allowed to make money.

Your heir may only make money with painting/writing only.

The mates are there for making babies/child rearing/house cleaning/gardening/elixir making.. ect.

All baby names must be named after famous writers/artist/works of art.

Here's some links for name ideas.

After your done take tally.

How many children from mate 1:

How many children from mate 2:

How many books written:

How many paintings painted:

How many times was fountain of youth/young again potion needed:

Generation 3. "I want a soulmate..  while I love my parents and respect their way of life. I just want to be true to one mate and one mate alone. I want my mate to be magical. ...Why am I having so many multiple births?!"

Generation 3 heir must have fertility treatment as soon as  they hit the young adult stage.

Your heir must marry just one sim and be faithful.

Your heir must be married must be to either a witch or a fairy.

You can make money in any way you want in this generation.

Name each child born into generation after cities/countries/states. Here's a link for ideas.

After ten children have been born and you don't yet have an heir.. your spouse must get fertility
treatment as well.

After this generation take tally.

Lifetime wish achieved?

How many children born?





Generation four.. "I will travel the world over to look for my special someone!"
Go to all the countries in World adventures, France, China, and Egypt.  In any order you'd like.

Your heir must have either have the, "World class Gallery" ltw. Or alternatively the "Visionary" Life time wish.

You must go into the photographer career.

You must marry a foreigner you meet on your travels.  If you meet your special someone in the first country you go to: then the other two countries are considered honeymoon time.

Once your lifetime wish is complete then you must get to baby making!

All children born in this generation must be named in alphabetical order.  If you reach baby Z and still no heir then you must go back to A and work your way threw again.

After your done take tally once the perfect heir is a young adult.

As always fountain of youth potions are welcomed when needed.

How many children born:

How many skills mastered:

Was the top of your profession reached:
Generation five.. "I'm surrounded by idiots and E,W, and J are my favorite letters!"

You only have control of your heir this generation everyone else is on their own. (However you may reset anyone who is stuck/give make overs to newly aged up children or to your spouse that you just married.)

You may move out non-heirs once they become young adults.

Your heir must have the natural cook trait and the 'culinary librarian' ltw.

You must marry a werewolf. (If you met someone you really like and they're not a werewolf feel free to throw an bottle of curse lycan at them.)

All children born in this generation must have a name that starts with the letters E, W, or J.

If you and your mate reach elder stage with no heir in sight you can you use fountain of youth on both you and your mate and try some more.

Once your perfect heir reaches young adult take your control of your new heir and get out of there! (To an empty lot.)

Take tally as if it were a ISBI challenge.
Points and Completion:

For each sim failing school – 5

For every game induced visit from a police officer, firefighter or babysitter (when you don't call them but the game makes them come) – 5

Passing Out – 5

Accidental Deaths – 10

Social Worker Visit – 15

Every Birth + 5

Every Twin Birth +10

Every Triplet Birth +15

Fulfilling LTW +40

For each Sim that gets on the honor roll+5

Extra Points:

Randomizing every LTW choice and trait for a whole generation of children +10

Every 100 000 dollars +20

Having an NPS Spouse reach the top of their career +10

How many points did you get?
Generation 6.. "I'm immortal..and the price was every penny I have." (Now you have control everyone in the household again.)

This heir must be onto a empty lot with nothing in their bank account.

No fertility treatments allowed.

Get married right away.

Generation 6 heir must have drank the age freeze potion and have a death flower in their inventory. (Feel free to cheat this in.)

You may start to build shelter once you reached $15,000 in your bank. Feel free to take shelter at the fire station/library/gym.. anywhere until then.

Any lifetime wish goes.

All ways of making money is acceptable. (No money cheats though.)

This heir may only marry humans.

Each marriage must be until death do you part. (A female heir would be ideal for this generation as she keep pregnant by an elder husband but however if you got a male you got a male.)

Risky woo-hoo only to make babies for this generation. Risky can be set no lower then 10% but no higher then 15%

Doesn't manner if your on your first marriage or your 7th.. the first person who gives you your heir becomes immortal as well. So if your sim gets lucky on their first marriage they don't have to go threw heartbreak... but if not you have to keep trying with other marriages.

All baby names must be taken from top one hundred list from the year 1917.

After your heir is born take tally.

How many marriages:

How many children born:

How much money in your bank:

Lifetime wish achieved:

Generation 7.. "I have my priorities in order! First career and then marriage! I'm perfect in my honest opinion!" There's is 9 rules to this generation.

1. Your sim must have the perfect mind, perfect body ltw.

2. Your sim has to go to university and major in 'physical education'

3. Your sim must reach the top of the athletic  career before getting married or having children.

4. Your sim must marry a vampire this generation.

5. Name all children born in this generation baby names that mean love.

6.  If your sim has four children and no perfect heir then you must get fertility treatments.

7. Your sim can only become a vampire after the perfect heir is born.

8. Use young again potions/fountain of youth for this generation as needed.

9. Master the charisma skill.

Take tally.

Number of children born:

Vampires born:




Generation 8.. "How many marriages will I go threw?!"

1. Your sim must have the "Surrounded by family" Life time wish.

2. Your sim must have commitment issues.

3. Your sim must get married and have three children. If there is no perfect heir by the time the 3rd child is born divorce and get a new spouse. With each marriage you go threw just have three children if there is no heir time for a new spouse.

4. You keep custody of all children born. Once the non heirs have reached young adult you may move them in with there boyfriend/girlfriend or other parent.

5. Your sim is the only one in the household allowed to make money by writing books, gardening, collecting vauable rocks, or painting. Your sims may not have a job they're a full time parent.

6. Your sim may NOT marry the same sim twice.

7.  Your sim may stay with the spouse who gives you the perfect heir.

8. Your sim may only marry humans, Imaginary friends, werewolves, witches, vampires, genies, and fairies.

9. All babies born in this generation must have mythology themed baby name. (Greek mythology, roman, Norse, Egyptian.. ect..)

Take tally once your done.

Number of marriages:

Occult types your sim married:

How many children born:

How many books written:

Gardening Skill:

Painting Skill: 

Generation 9.. " .....What did I marry now?"

1. Your heir must marry someone with the evil, mean spirited, Diva, and insane traits. (You pick the fifth and last trait.)

2. You must go into create a sim and make this spouse for your heir yourself.

3. You must keep the marriage together until you have the perfect heir.

4. Use woo-hooer if the couple don't even like each other. (Or keep plenty of potent friendship elixirs and throw them at your spouse when you don't like each other or use the massage table.)

5. Your heir must complete their lifetime wish whatever it maybe.

6. First female born must be named after your founder... all other baby names are players choice.

7. Both your sim and spouse must make money in any way they can.

Take tally and answer the last question.

Number of fights in household:

Number of slaps:

Number of children born:

Did you get a divorce and punish your evil spouse once you had the perfect heir?
Generation 10.. "I'm throwing party and all of my ancestors are invited!" (Must have the party animal trait.)

1. Buy a big mansion of your own. (Use the free real estate cheat if you want.)

2. Put your founder and previous heirs in town.

3. Throw one huge party! You did it!

Take tally.

Was it an awesome party? After the party do whatever you want with this heir.

Stories Of The Multiverse

 First off I want to apologize for my lack of updates and communication with everyone. Well to make a long story short I just haven't been feeling very well. However I just want to say I'm very sorry about all that.

Hello! Welcome to my newest Blog. This Blog will be following short stories from many alternate realities of my Burnbright family and different ways Rosaline's stories could've gone. There will also be other stories very short ones that will just involve different new characters and situations. There well also be new challenge that I have created or new twist to old challenges. I will also have page where I keep score of each with my newest challenge. Each story will be short one-shorts or very short three to five chapter stories.  Hope you enjoy the new blog. : )

Many tales of the Burnbrights

Story 1   Story 2  Story 3 Story 4  Story. 5

The History of the Destroyer of Universes. 

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3

Alternate ways Rosaline Could been.

Story 1   Story 2  Story 3 Story 4  Story. 5

 Story of Padama Brookhaven

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Chapter 4

Story of Quinn McKinley.

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Bizarre perfect genetics rules       Progression on mine

Nursing home challenge- Coming soon! (It'll be a two generation challenge.)

The many traits challengeComing soon!